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Skip Hire

Ron Smith skip hire offers a full range of skip sizes to meet all your waste disposal requirements. Sizes range from 2 yard to 12 yard skips that are ideal for both commercial and domestic customers.

Construction waste can be collected and recycled using our 6 yard Crane Test certificated skips for construction sites.

We also supply 4 yard, 6 yard and 14-yard enclosed lockable skip’s which are ideal for use in areas where security is necessary e.g. schools and hospitals.

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Common skip sizes

Skip sizes are measured in cubic yards. One cubic yard (91cm x 91cm x 91cm) is roughly the size of two washing machines or one white domestic fridge freezer. Here are some common skip sizes, a guide to how many bin bags you could fit in them, and the type of project each skip size is commonly used for.

2 yard mini skip (20-30 bin bags)

The 2 yard mini skip holds the equivalent of 20-30 bin bags and is best suited for very small domestic jobs.

4 yard small skip (30-40 bin bags)

A small skip holds 4 cubic yards and is perfect for small kitchen and bathroom refurbishment jobs. It holds the equivalent of 30-40 bin bags.

6 yard small builders skip (50-60 bin bags)

A ‘6 yarder’ is one of the most common skip sizes and is great for DIY or building projects such as removing a medium sized kitchen. It holds the equivalent of 50-60 bin bags.

8 yard large builders skip (60-80 bin bags)

The 8 yard skip is the most widely used skip size and is the biggest skip available for heavy waste such as concrete, soil and rubble. Common uses include residential refurbishment projects, shop refits and office clearances. It holds the equivalent of 60-80 bin bags.

12 yard maxi skip (100-120 bin bags)

Maxi skips are used for bulky refurbishment works or large house clearances. They hold the equivalent of 100-120 bin bags but cannot be used for heavy waste as the skip lorry would not be able to legally carry it. Because of its larger dimensions, some councils will not allow it to be put on the road, so you will need to make room for it in your garden or driveway.


Ron Smith Recycling also provides a Wait-and-Load service. We can arrange for a driver and vehicle to wait for half an hour while a skip is loaded at no extra charge for the first half an hour.

If a skip is required on the public highway a permit will be required. We can contact the local council on your behalf and make all the necessary arrangements.

Skips that are used on a public highway should be highly visible with the use of light’s and cones.

We also provide skips of any size for plasterboard only.


Ron Smith Recycling supplies 240 litre, 360 litre, 660 litre and 1,100 litre wheelie bins for storing waste safely and hygienically on sites prior to collection.

Where space is limited wheelie bins offer the ideal solution and have the advantage of being able to move the wheelie bin to a different location on a site or premises.

We can supply a range of different colours for waste segregation and we also offer waste reporting if required.


Ron Smith Recycling provides skip hire, recycling and waste management services to suit the skip hire needs of building contractors, factory owners, home owners and residents in West London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Bucks.

We provide comprehensive skip delivery and collection .


For more information and a list of the local areas we deliver to contact us on 0208 570 3424

Street deliveries for skips you hire

If you require your skip to be placed on the street or public land, you need to tell us before we arrive. Any skip placed on a public highway or public land, requires a permit from the local authorities. Public land placements often require additional charges as they require a licence to be acquired. If you/we do not get this licence, our team will be unable to place the skip on public land.

Our waste collection and recycling services include:

Skip hire

Fly tipping

Grab and collect

Rubbish clearance


Big Bull Bags

Portable toilet hire


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