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FAQs about hiring a skip

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about hiring a skip from Ron Smith Recycling. We are based at Feltham in Middlesex, and we operate across all of London’s boroughs.

The answers about skip hire for waste removal and recycling should help but if you need any more details please call our skip hire team on 0208 570 3424:


1. How long can I keep my skip for?

A skip is usually hired for seven days, unless special arrangements have been made with a member of the Ron Smith Recycling skip hire sales team. Once you have filled your skip give us a call on 0208 570 3424 and we can arrange to collect the skip.

2. What size skip do I need to hire?

This would depend on the type of waste material being put in the skip heavy materials e.g. soil or rubble would have to go in a skip no larger than 8 cu metres. Lighter materials E.g. wood, bulky furniture would require a larger skip. Members of our sales team would be able to recommend the correct size for your needs.

3. Is there anything that I cannot put in the skip?

The following items are not permitted to be put in to a skip or placed beside the skip:

  • Fridge Freezers
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Gas bottles
  • Fluorescent Lighting Tubes
  • Food Waste

4. I don’t have a driveway. Can the skip be placed on the road?

A skip can be placed on the road but it will need a permit which is obtained from the local council. We can arrange the permit for you in most cases but some council’s do stipulate that the hirer has to apply themselves. One of our sales team would be happy to arrange a permit call 0208 570 3424 to speak to an advisor.

5. I do not have time to wait for a permit and do not have off road parking or space for a skip. What other options are available?

We can offer a Wait and Load service. We would wait half an hour while the skip was loaded at no extra cost for the first half an hour. For larger loads we have a Grab service available.

6. How much room do I need to place a skip on my driveway?

Our sales team can be contacted on 0208 570 3424 and will be happy to discuss the logistics and advise you of the best way forward.

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